Forrest O. Hall

Forrest Osborne and Kathryn Hackett Hall

Forrest Osborne and Kathryn Hackett Hall

Forrest Osborne Hall was born December 30, 1924 in the family home on Elba Avenue in Burley, Idaho. His parents are Horace Osborne Hall and Leona Pickett Hall. Horace came to Cassia County in 1916 to homestead with his brother, and Leona was born in Oakley, Idaho. Forrest has one brother, Rex Pickett Hall and one sister Barbara Hall Allred.. When Forrest was 5 years old, the family moved to a home and 2 acres on South Overland, which is now Overland and 22nd Street. With the hard work of his parents, the home and yard soon became a showplace of Burley. Forrest had a very carefree and good childhood. He learned responsibility early by helping maintain a garden, mowing the lawn, picking fruit and milking a cow. He learned to swim in the nearby lateral and then graduating to the Snake River. He was active in the Boy Scouts of America and became an Eagle Scout at age 14. He began violin lessons at age 10 and diligently practiced tp be able to play in church meetings and other places.

He attended the Southwest Elementary School, Burley Junior High and graduated from Burley High School in 1943. As WWII was in progress, Forrest he was inducted into the Army and reported to Fort Douglas in Salt Lake City. He was assigned to the Ordnance Department and sent to the Aberdeen Maryland Proving Grounds for training. While in the area, he enjoyed traveling to New York City and Washington D.C. taking in all the sights of interest. Upon completion of his training, he had a two week furlough, then sailed out of the San Francisco Bay not knowing for sure where he was going. and when he would return to his family. He spent three years in the South Pacific, the last 6 months as part of the occupation in Japan.

He returned home in 1946 and enrolled in the spring term at the Albion Normal School. That fall he registered at Brigham Young University, graduating in 1951 in Animal Husbandry. During this time Forrest was approached by his Bishop to fulfill a mission for the church. In 1948 he was called to serve two years in the British Mission. As his father had purchased a farm/cattle operation, he joined in a partnership with him after graduating from BYU. In 1955 Forrest was married to Kathryn Hackett of Montrose, California, and together they have raised six children, four sons and two daughters.. They presently have 14 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren.

As his father’s health was failing, and along with other economic considerations, it was decided to close the farm/cattle operation. After investigating a farm/hardware operation, it was decided to make a move to build and operate a farm/hardware store. At this time Forrest was 40 years old with a wife and family of five children. It was a challenging venture, but with enthusiasm and hard work he made a great success of this operation. He acted as a general contractor and built a building on South Overland. He later joined the True Value Hardware chain of store. Several expansions were made to the original building, and in time this hardware store became a great success serving the people of Cassia and Minidoka Counties. The entire family was involved in the operation of the store, and each child had their turn in working in various capacities of the operation.

When the farming operation was closed out, Forrest retained the ground and in due time was able to work with builders in home development. There are presently 40 homes on the property with the possibility of that many more.

Because of the success of the various enterprises, Forrest was able to contribute to the community in various ways. Each year he purchased 4H animals, sponsored youth sport activities, contributed to many fund raisers of the schools and other organizations. He was an active member of the Kiwanis Club for many years and a member of the Chamber of Commerce, serving as an officer and on various committees. The Hall’s Farm and Home was affiliated with the State and International Hardware Association. He served on the boards, eventually being a vice president and president. He traveled to many state and national conventions always representing the best interests of Burley and Cassia County. Forrest has always held a position in his church. In his youth he enjoyed skiing and has always participated in activities to keep strong and healthy. To this day at 87 he spends time at the Impact Athletic Gym. He enjoys paying golf with his friends

At age 65, Forrest underwent a heart bypass operation. This was an impetus to start considering selling the business. Forrest and Kathryn had many dreams to fulfill in their senior years. As the children had furthered their education and each found different interests for their livelihood and did not consider taking over the business. So in 1991 proceedings began and eventually the store was sold to the Ace Hardware of Rupert. It is gratifying for Forrest to see that the business he began from scratch 47 years ago is still serving the needs of the area.

Forrest graciously went into retirement. The last 21 years have been very good years. Along with his wife, he has served 4 missions for his church, and they have traveled extensively in the United States and foreign countries During this time, he and Kathryn have been able to volunteer in various community activities. It has been a very good life and Forrest is so grateful for all of it.

Forrest O. Hall and son Brent - Hall Livestock, 1950 - 1965

Forrest O. Hall and son Brent – Hall Livestock, 1950 – 1965

The Forrest Ol and Kathryn H. Hall family, l-r Ellen Kathryn, Brent Hackett, Brian Marcus, Nathan Tippets, Richard Osborne, Joan Carol

The Forrest Ol and Kathryn H. Hall family, l-r Ellen Kathryn, Brent Hackett, Brian Marcus, Nathan Tippets, Richard Osborne, Joan Carol