Dummer Legacy in Cassia County

Oleen and Delora Dummer

Oleen and Delora Dummer

Oleen lived to age 100 and Delora lived to age 93. Her death in 1996 ended an earthly companionship lasting over 70 years. Oleen rejoined Delora in 2003.

They were each born in Cassia County in the first decade of the twentieth century and spent most of their lives here. Those lives spanned a most remarkable period of human development, from childhoods in log cabins to retirement years in the age of high technologies; from travelling by one horse power to flying across oceans in jet planes; from communicating long distances by hand written letters to instantaneous electronic messaging by ordinary people to the farthest reaches of the globe.

William Oleen Dummer

Oleen was a scientist and a teacher of the sciences in Burley High School from 1943 to 1968, when he retired. Many of his students went on to notable achievements in the sciences and academia. As Men’s Counselor, he also offered a wise and sensitive ear and heart to many students struggling with academic and personal problems.

He provided additional service to others by filling various positions of leadership and teaching in the LDS Church as long as he was able to do so. Indeed, he was teaching classes well into his nineties.

His youth was spent in an around Oakley, where he excelled in athletics and academics. At the age of eight he was charged with herding cows in an area infested with rattlesnakes. One day alone he killed ten of them with the simple tools available to a herder. He also had leadership positions at Oakley High School, including being Student Body President his senior year.

Mary Delora Bates Dummer

Also a teacher from an early age, Delora’s passions were music and her children-both her own and her elementary students. With six children, she was well occupied at home until 1951, when she resumed teaching at the Overland Elementary School, eventually moving to the Dworshak School. Many a tone-deaf and rhythm challenged 2nd through 4th grader’s were first seriously exposed to music under her tutelage.

She insisted each of her children be immersed in music education, although some took to it better than others. Her heritage includes some very fine performers as well as some enthusiastic listeners. Delora was also a dedicated genealogist and taught Family History skills to many. She was noted for her meticulous record keeping.

Unusual for her generation, she knew how to play hard as well as work hard and she inculcated that in all those around her. Camping, fishing, travelling, snowmobiling and other activities kept her youthful and optimistic throughout her life.

Children of Oleen and Delora Dummer

Mavis Arlene married Richard Hanks. They are both deceased. Nola Belle married Richard Holyoak and they are living in Burley. Arthur Oleen is married to Georgia McMillan and they are living in Sandy, Utah. Mary Eola married Gordon Luke and they are living in Murtaugh. William Laird married Vaudys Bryner and they are living in Sandy, Utah. Janet Dee married Gil Putnam and they are living in Shelley, Idaho.

At Oleen’s 100th birthday celebration in 2003 it was reported that he and Delora had 38 grandchildren, 101 great grandchildren, 9 great great grandchildren and 43 stimulating in-laws–a great posterity for a great couple.

Oleen's 1st school at Warm Creek

Oleen’s 1st school at Warm Creek

Delora and Oleen 1925

Delora and Oleen 1925

Burley High School 1922

Burley High School 1922 — Delora is 2nd from the right on the 2nd row.


Dummer Family 1960

Dummer Family 1959