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The Burley Public Library Foundation received an Email from the Smith’s Community Rewards program saying:  “Your supporters (8 households) who shopped at Smith’s between 10-1-2016 and 12-30-2016(Cycle 3, Qtr 4) have contributed to your $47.09 total donation. Your organization will be receiving a Kroger check in this amount within 30 days from 1-11-2017.”

On behalf of the Burley Public Library Foundation we would like to THANK those 8 households who have married their Smith’s frequent shopper card to our charity.  Thank you!

For those of you who would like to have Smith’s contribute to the Foundation on your behalf, you just need to create a digital account with them at their website. Here is the link explains how to quickly and easily create a digital account, and then how to choose the organization you wish to have Smith’s donate to on your behalf: https://www.smithsfoodanddrug.com/i/community/smiths-inspiring-donations

Our Non-Profit Organization or NPO number with Smith’s is: 25869 You will need to load that number in at the end of the process to indicate which organization you are choosing to support.


  • Smith now has a mobile app that you can register through.
  • They say you need to renew your connection to the charity of your choice annually but we have found that the selected organization does seem to be sticky beyond one year.  Please let us know if you find this not to be the case.

Thanks again!

Thanks to http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/ for the image of the family

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